Yes Hydraulics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is the joint company with Shanghai XiaoLi Hydraulics Co., Ltd, it plays important role in hydraulic field, Yes Hydraulics covers both Chinese domestic market and overseas market. Yes Hydraulics takes as sales center for XiaoLi itself hydraulic products and sourcing center for our customers abroad for hydraulic components .Yes Hydraulics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd produces and distributes Axial piston pump in series of MCY14-1B,SCY14-1B,YCY14-1B,MYCY14-1B and vane pump in series of YB1,YB-E ,etc.

Our Product

MCY14-1B Series Axial Piston Pump                          MYCY14-1B Series Variable   Piston Pump


YCY14-1B Series Variable Piston Pump                    SCY14-1B Series Variable Piston Pump


Vane Pump YB1 Series                   Vane Pump YB-D Series                Vane Pump YB-E Series